How is mijamo sustainable?

mijamo is determined to be as sustainable a business as possible and help in the fight against climate change through business practices, products and engaging people with information on what they can do to help. Below we list how we accomplish this.

-100% renewable energy and low waste production-

In our studio, we use 100% renewable energy for our electricity and try to conserve water when possible when manufacturing our products. We try to recycle or reuse as much waste as we can, as well.

-European materials and Finnish production-

All of mijamo's products are made from materials sourced from Europe to cut down on transit emissions. We buy our materials from Finland, Estonia, Germany and the United Kingdom. We also try to source our materials only from companies who have environmental practices in place. Printed paper products, as well as fabric printing, are printed locally in southern Finland. While most of the products are made with all new materials, we save textile scrap to use in smaller 100% recycled products like the pincushions we offer.

-Plastic-free and recycled/recyclable products and packaging-

100% of the packaging mijamo uses is 100% recyclable or biodegradable, and much of it is made of recycled material. Our tissue paper is made of unbleached recycled paper, and two of our three shipping boxes are made with a mix of recycled fibers.


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