ORIGINAL ART - In the store now!

Original art made by Jenna will be available as they are made. Art you can expect to see are original drawings and watercolor paintings, as well as felted wool and wearable art. These pieces are one-of-a-kind since they are all designed and made to be singular pieces or as pairs. 

"UN-SCRAPPED" PRODUCTS - In the store now!

We save all textile scrap to use as recycled filling or as fabric to make small textile products like pincushions to cut down on waste and to provide cute, useful items to our customers.

SOFT TOYS - In the store now!

The handmade stuffed toys are made out of 100% medium weight linen fabric, 100% cotton thread, and 100% wool decoration and stuffing. The tag is made out of 100% cotton and the ink is non-toxic. All parts of the toys are biodegradable and almost all of it is reusable. There are many ways to reuse the soft toys! Some ideas for reuse are…


  • Linen fabric can be used to make cleaning cloths

  • Wool or linen fabric can be used to patch or decorate clothing or other textiles

  • Wool stuffing can be used to fill small pillows, dolls or other small projects

  • The fabric and stuffing can be used to make new dolls!


These products are durable and long lasting when cared for properly. When you feel that you are finished with one of mijamo’s toys, please re-gift or donate the toys, or reuse the materials and give any leftover material to a textile recycling plant near you. If you do not have access to a company that recycles textiles, then you can cut up the leftover materials into small pieces and bury them in your yard. All of the materials will fully decompose within a year and return to the earth leaving nothing behind.

PAPER PRODUCTS - In the store now!

All paper products, as well as the paper tags on soft toys, are recyclable and made from sustainably sourced paper. Postcards can be used as art prints in your home or to make someone smile across the world. It is our hope that no paper is wasted, and everything is either repurposed or recycled, so no waste is added to the environment.