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mijamo aims to inform people about what they can do in the face of climate change and empower adults and children alike with information about actions that they can take in their daily lives. Another goal of mijamo is to foster a love for play, learning and nature by developing products that inspire customers to explore the outside world and use their imaginations to explore their inner worlds through play. We at mijamo also aspire to foster an appreciation of creativity, handmade craft and art through the artistic products we offer.

The products that mijamo offers are all recyclable or biodegradable, and made from only natural, sustainable materials. All packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, as well. Using only recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials keeps waste out of our environment and greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere. It is of the utmost importance for mijamo to have as little environmental impact as possible and over time we will continue to develop our environmental strategies to further decrease our carbon footprint.

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We are located in Kouvola, FI