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People are working all over the world to make sure corporations and governments do their part to enact climate and environmental policies, and to end the use of fossil fuels. There are lawsuits bringing fossil fuel companies to justice for hiding information and causing such severe damage from climate change and refusing to stop. Governments and companies are listening to the people. Add your voice to the people's demands and help keep governments and companies in check to make them enact effective regulations and policies.

Here are some ways that you can help the environment and make the world a better place at the same time in November:

 - Climate justice is racial justice. Often poorer neighborhoods are occupied by minorities due to systemic racism and these neighborhoods are more likely to be near hazardous factories, oil fields or other polluting industries. Become more aware. Learn about these issues and use this knowledge to make a difference by joining causes for climate and racial justice in your area, lobbying the government, donating if you can, and joining activities like protests and petitions to create a better environment for everyone.

 - Learn about who is running for office in local, state/municipality, and national governments. Support the campaigns that demand climate action, climate and racial justice and support indigenous rights. Actively work against candidates who support polluting industries, have a history of or support corruption in government, and who support business over people. 

 - Get people voting! Help people in your area register to vote or find polling stations, volunteer with campaigns you support, and get people pumped up to vote corrupt officials out of office. People deserve to have a voice in government. Help them find it.