• Lumi is a friendly, cheerful mijamo who wants nothing more than to chat and play the day away. People say that Lumi looks like an Arctic Hare, which is native to Lapland, and knowing that Lumi means 'snow' in Finnish, it's not hard to see why! Lumi is ready for any adventure, but loves to lay around the house and spend time with their human friends, as well.


    The Lumi stuffed toy is soft and cuddlable, and made individually by hand with linen, wool and cotton. The Lumi toy is also completely biodegradable. All materials for the toy are sourced from eco-consious businesses around Europe to avoid CO2 emissions during manufacture and transit. The studio where Lumi toys are made uses 100% renewable electricity, as well, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable toy. The toy is long-lasting with proper care, and the materials of the toy can be repurposed for other projects or regifted when the toy is no longer wanted.


    There may be some slight variation of color in the linen fabric of the Lumi toy, which only adds to their uniqueness!


    100% linen body with 100% wool decoration and filling, and sewn with 100% cotton thread


    370mm x 650mm x 140mm (WxHxD)


    150€ VAT incl. for EU customers, shipping is free

    Lumi eco-friendly stuffed toy

    SKU: LST01
    • The Lumi stuffed toy is shipped wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper in a recyclable box through Finland's Posti. Tracking comes with each shipment.


      Currently the Lumi stuffed toy can only be sold to EU, EEA and EFTA customers. We are working on being able to sell the toys in other countries.



      Due to the coronavirus and various countries' travel restrictions, mijamo is only able to ship to these countries:

      Europe - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom

      Rest of the World - Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, the United States and Vietnam

    • Due to the natural materials used in the Lumi toy, it requires gentle care. Do not put the Lumi toy in machine washers and dryers, because they will make the filling clump inside the doll.


      If the toy becomes dirty, spot clean the area if possible with gentle detergent and a damp rag.


      If the toy needs to be washed, handwash the toy gently in cool water. Let it soak in soapy water for 30-45 minutes after making sure all of the fabric and filling is wet.


      Drain the water from the container and gently squeeze out the water of the toy. Rinse the toy twice in cool water to make sure all of the soap is gone. 


      Gently squeeze the toy until most of the water is gone, then use a clean towel to press any extra water out of the toy until it is damp and not wet.


      Hang the toy upside down to dry in a sunny, warm place. If the area is humid or cold, then it may take a couple of days to fully dry. A cool hair dryer or fan can also be used after the toy has drained most of the water while hanging to speed up the drying process.