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Food waste is a huge problem in many countries during every part of production and consumption: growing, shipping, selling, cooking and eating. Not every tomato makes it to the table, but at the very least, we can do our part in reducing the amount of food waste and methane entering into our world.

Here are some ways that you can save money, help the environment and eat well at the same time in November:

 - Take up cooking as a hobby if you haven't already. You will not only save money, but it's a great way to both have fun and eat better!

 - Branch out! Eating the same types of foods everyday or week can get boring for some people. If you have some ingredients you don't know what to do with, search online for "recipes with ----". You'll be amazed at what new recipes you can find that you may have never thought of.

 - If you really like eating desserts and it's starting to affect your health negatively, switch out some sugary sweets for fruit or desserts that contain vegetables or nuts. Sweets in moderation can also be healthy if you know how to do it! Cutting some dairy this way, which is usually in desserts, can also help improve your health.