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Home is a place we find comfort, but may neglect in regards to its environmental impact whether in an apartment or a townhouse or a detached house. There are many ways that we can lower our carbon footprint.

Here are some ways that you can save money, help the environment and live comfortably at the same time in November:

 - Re-evaluate your decor. Do you often buy decorative items that fill up the shelves and walls, then get bored with them only to buy more? Is your storage filled with holiday themed items that you might not be attached to, but feel obligated to put up? Do these items make your days better or do they feel a bit claustrophobic? If you do enjoy all of your decorative items and regularly give them attention, then keep them up! But if you do not, consider donating them and keeping a less cluttered home. You may find that your interior style is not what you thought!

 - Focus on experiences rather than 'stuff' for the holidays. How can you make the holidays special that doesn't involve lots of gifts that get used once and then left on the shelf? Consider going to local events, playing games together or spending time together that doesn't involve lots of spending and stuff. Memories last longer than most gifts.

 - Buy second-hand furniture. Many used pieces are still perfectly usable or need a little sprucing up. Buying used furniture also helps to reduce waste by keeping those pieces out of the landfill.